Teammate Focus

Bob Mollman was a U.S. Navy veteran and a civil engineering graduate of the University of Illinois. He discovered the nascent composites industry, which proved satisfying enough to engage him for more than 50 years. Bob contributed to the growth of composites, including building greenfield composite plants in California and Puerto Rico. He was also a prolific inventor and innovator, receiving eight US and several Canadian patents for composites materials, processes and products.

Bob pioneered a composite siding product for Alside, building a dedicated production facility which he managed. He then joined MFG Tray as engineering manager, where his inventions opened new markets. He later became president of MFG Research Company, where he served the rest of his career. “My first experience was being interviewed by Bob and ultimately hired at MFG Research”, recalls SVP Dennis Vorse. “Bob was quiet, private and a reserved man. After getting to know him better, he was approachable with vast knowledge and experience in materials and composites, and a willingness to share what he knew. He had some interesting approaches on how to manufacture and test our products, which we still use today.”

Bob was a champion car rally enthusiast in the 1950s and 60s, and he and his wife Suzanne travelled the world together for business, pleasure and adventure.

Bob left an indelible mark at MFG, and the company is grateful for his many contributions and friendship. We offer our condolences to Suzanne and family.