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We Optimize Design and Process to Increase Quality and Reduce Investment.

MFG provides valuable design services to help customers optimize composite designs and ultimately, save time and money.  As a leading expert in the composite industry, we know first-hand that every composite design has its own unique set of characteristics and features.  

Our design team is available to help clients identify unfavorable design features and optimize product design prior to production. Our creative design work can significantly increase quality and savings over the life of a program, and helps customers avoid unexpected, costly changes.

Working with the MFG’s design and research teams in the early development process allows thorough evaluation for Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA) through the entire process flow:  design, materials, tooling, molding, process, finite element analysis, manufacturing and quality.

We work collaboratively to evaluate designs and propose optimized solutions for ease and leaner manufacturing process flow.

Meet Our Design Team

John Fernandes
Sr. Vice President
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Roy Dickinson
Sr. Design Engineer
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Felix Holloway
Design Engineer
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Joel Wagstaff
Design Engineer
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Our Core Capabilities

With decades of diversified design experience, we have extensive experience with heavy truck, automotive, wind energy, solar, electrification, military, commercial and proprietary products. 

We offer critical design support services for new customer development programs to help you with: feasibility & cost savings, conversion studies of metallic part/assemblies to composites, design for six sigma (DFSS) principals and GD&T, and tooling/mold design concepts for cost and process optimization. 


Composite Design – Advanced Surfacing & Solid Modeling

FEA Stress – FEMAP/Nastran & ANSYS Software

  • Analysis types: static, dynamic (including modal), thermal
  • Material types: isotropic, orthotropic, layered composites
  • Geometry prep: removal of trivial features, converting solids to shells and/or beams where applicable

Design for Manufacture and Assembly for Composites (DFMA)

Design study check list includes: Die-line’s, radii, draft angles, ribs, assembly split lines, shear edges, molded in features, thickness transitions, Class A IMC flow, mating components, GD&T-tolerance requirements, bond assembly sequencing, part nest ability studies for shipping, tooling impact on revisions, secondary processing flow optimization.

SMC Mold Flow and Predicted Modeling Analysis

Mold Flow and Predicting Flow early on during the development process to optimize part processing and mechanical properties. 


MFG Research and Test Lab

Material Development, Testing, Validation and Problem Solving

A distinction between MFG and other composite manufacturers is the support we provide customers through our dedicated R&D laboratory, MFG Research. It is in fact the largest and best-equipped in-house laboratory in the composites processing industry and can provide you with expertise in materials testing, material selection and process development, along with the ability to rigorously test and verify product integrity.

This resource translates to customer value:

  • Accurate, fast-response technical and laboratory support that enables MFG to help you improve your products, accelerate development cycle time and reduce fabrication costs.
  • Should problems arise while your product is actively in service, we can assist you with testing, analysis and remediation guidance.
  • The lab is A2LA-Accredited, Certificate #1280.01. (see complete list for details).
  • The lab has ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certification, the standard for Testing Competence of Laboratories.
  • A la carte testing and validation services are available to support customers in the development or selection of materials or processes for any composite product.

Download A2LA certificate and full scope of our accredited tests here.

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