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Materials Information

  • UL Recognized FRP Materials from MFG

    List of proprietary MFG materials that are UL-recognized materials used in applications including but not limited to HVAC and lamphouses.  For more information see UL file number E54325 and E76349.

  • iNVENTA 615 SMC Material Datasheet

    iNVENTA 615 is a UL 94-5V recognized non-halogenated reinforced thermoset SMC material. Ideal for applications where non-flammability is crucial.

  • iNVENTA 515 SMC Material Datasheet

    iNVENTA 515 is a UL-recognized reinforced thermoset SMC material. Ideal for HVAC components and other applications where non-flammability is crucial.

  • iCom 618 SMC Material Datasheet

    iCom 618 is a UL recognized non-halogenated fiberglass reinforced thermoset SMC.

  • iCom 617 SMC Material Datasheet

    iCom 617 is a non-halogenated fiberglass thermoset sheet molding compound with a UL 723 rating.

Process Information

  • MFG PRIME™ Information Sheet

    Article on MFG PRIME™. Introduced in 2007 by the Molded Fiber Glass Companies, PRIME™ has become a preferred molding process among OEM’s for parts that require high mechanical strength.

  • iNVENTA™ 74109 Ultra Light SMC Material

    The ultimate material for mass reduction, featuring a specific gravity under 1.11 (~60% lighter than standard SMC formulations).