Over and Up — Erdenberger Appointed GM of MFG Texas

Austin Erdenberger was recently promoted to general manager of MFG Texas, the entity he initially joined in 2012 as a process engineer for various wind turbine programs.

Freshly graduated from Winona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in composites material engineering, he followed through on a recruiter’s lead to interview with MFG. Intrigued with the products and the team – he accepted the company’s offer and ventured South to Gainesville.

Three years later, he was offered a new opportunity as the regional sales manager for MFG Energy Services. In November of 2015 he was promoted to manager.

Asked about his experience at MFG, Austin commented, “The skills learned in my early career have helped me tremendously. I couldn’t have asked for better mentorship from Wesley Shamp, Dan Corlew, Rich LaFountain and others during my first go-around at MFG Texas. I’m excited about returning to MFG Texas and getting back into manufacturing”.

Since joining the MFG family, he’s also had some worthy personal accomplishments. He married his high school sweetheart Marah (they are expecting their first child in January) and completed a Master’s degree in business administration from Louisiana State University. Besides his passion for wind energy, he enjoys time on the golf course and traveling with his wife Marah.