In 2008 the first teammates were hired for a brand new MFG entity built for producing 37 and 40-meter wind turbine blades. 

The contributions and loyalty of this “first class” of teammates played a special role in establishing a solid foundation for the company. This talented group of teammates was formally recognized at a company gathering.

10-year awardees, in order of anniversary month: (April) Trudi Bain, Julie Dosch, Janet Heathman, Donna Reed, Doug Rush; (June) Dan Buchanan, Del Christianson, Diane Clausen, Larry Hettich, Ron Hettich, Sandra Jakober, Tammy Lindseth, Brad Mayer, Joe Ness, Michelle Patton, Peggy Rudolph, Lisa Schmidt, Terry Schneider, Mark Trudy, Andrew Wells, Muriel Vehe; (July) Rod Job, Luane Maier; (August) Selena Goetz, Ben Hammer, Monroe Willard.