MFG Aberdeen Signs Lease with Legacy Capital Partners

MFG announced today an agreement with Legacy Capital Partners (LCP) of Denver, the new owners of the property it occupies at 1401 Brown County #19 North in Aberdeen. MFG has leased the property from the Aberdeen Development Corporation (ADC) since 2008 when the company began operations in South Dakota. Their long-term lease is being transferred to the new owner at no cost to MFG.

MFG has had open and productive conversations about the lease transfer with LCP, and looks forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship over the long term.

Both the ADC and MFG sees this as a win-win arrangement for all parties. MFG continues to do business in Aberdeen as one of the major employers in the community and the ADC continues its mission of creating, retaining and expanding the employment base of Aberdeen. MFG appreciates ADC’s support during the last ten years and looks forward to working together for the continued prosperity of the Aberdeen community.

Molded Fiber Glass Molded Fiber Glass Companies is headquartered in Ashtabula, Ohio. MFG produces composite parts for a variety of industries, including wind energy, automotive, heavy truck, material handling, water treatment, construction, and defense. MFG was founded in 1948 and continues today as a family-owned and managed company.

The Aberdeen Development Corporation is a private non-profit corporation with the mission of primary job creation, retention and expansion. Incorporated in 1955, the Aberdeen Development Corporation is a 501c6 nonprofit. For more information go to