Composite materials are lighter and stronger than ever before, and a light weight FRP composite design can give your product a competitive edge while hitting the cost target.

As an industry leader in advanced material innovation, MFG’s experienced engineers can determine if a light weight design is the right fit for your application.

Part of the answer to light-weighting lies with new advanced materials. For many applications, the new generation of light composites are opening a world of new solutions.

Advantages and highlights of MFG’s light weight material include:

  • Proprietary formulation with a specific gravity below 1.0. This material actually floats on water as demonstrated in the video below.
  • Proprietary resin blend designed to maintain required mechanicals with unprecedented 60% weight savings compared to metallic.
  • Material is “toughened” to avoid breakage in customer use for storage. Formulated to process in SMC and Long Glass Preform molding processes.
  • For the PRIME process: Automated robotic chop is dispensed onto a part-shaped perforated screen followed by a heat pass to maintain the shape when removed from the screen.
  • Enables reduction in vehicle mass.
  • Taller steep draft draw walls, durability, flexibility in design consolidation. Parts and labor reduction.