Breakthrough: Low-Density SMC Resets Industry Bar

Lighter than water (0.95sg), it floats!

The team at MFG Research is dedicated to composites manufacturing innovation and has accomplished another breakthrough in thermoset SMC technology.

A new proprietary formulation—Float SMC¬—features a specific gravity (sg) of 0.95, which is so light that a molded part will float in water.

Although floatation sounds intriguing, the description simply makes the point that this is the first commercially available SMC material with a density less than water. Lower density improves the strength/weight ratio of a molded part and is highly valued by product manufacturers.

“The automotive market has a demand for light weight technologies, in particular high performance automotive and autonomous platforms are pushing the envelope to go lower and lower in density”, explains Kurt Butler, director of research for MFG. “We are also seeing movement in the commercial truck sector to push the density down in composite parts.”

MFG currently produces a number of low-density compounds ranging from densities of 1.5 sg to as low as 0.95 sg. These include structural low-density grade SMC’s and LCM’s and a low-density Class A SMC.

Float SMC is an innovative new proprietary material from MFG Research. Featuring an industry breakthrough of 0.95 specific gravity — it floats in water. Watch the video demonstration: