Wind Turbine Blades, Nacelles and Spinners

MFG is among the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable composites supply partner. Our integrated network of factories across North America provide cost-effective and flexible solutions for OEM blades, nacelles, spinners and replacement parts.


Over the course of 35+ years, MFG has produced more than 20,000 blades. We currently have two dedicated blade factories located in mid-America.

Built-in product integrity is the quality that earned MFG wind blades a top-rated warranty record. Quality manufacturing, along with proactive maintenance all contribute to long life. MFG Wind has resourced each facet to ensure customer satisfaction for the life of each blade.



Since 1987, MFG has been manufacturing nacelles and supporting OEMs with issues such as improved durability, increased safety and improving transportability.

Nacelle tooling is built in-house, with engineered-in features that can increase productivity and reduce costs. Careful use of materials allows for better durability and lighter weight. Value-added assembly of insulation, hardware, catwalks, safety rails, hatches/access doors, plumbing and electrical components can further reduce fabrication cost.

Replacement Parts

For operators of aging fleets or resellers of pre-owned turbines, MFG Wind is a premium resource for aftermarket replacement blades, nosecones, nacelles, hatch covers and other FRP components that are no longer available from the original equipment supplier.

MFG Wind can provide newly manufactured spares fabricated from tooling that is generated from a worn or damaged part. A mold and new composite parts matching the original can be fabricated quickly using a process that does not injure the original. When original specifications are not known, the laminates are determined by reverse engineering.

Quality and Other Certifications

  • ISO-9001
  • UL-recognized materials.  For more information see UL file number E54325 and E76349.
  • Experience with supporting customers with UL approval process