Composites bring esthetics, durability, weight advantage and often economy to residential and commercial building elements. Molded-in color and textures eliminate chipping and peeling, and products are naturally stain and heat resistant.

We offer proven composite formulations with high gloss finish, stain-resistance and UV stability. There is almost no limit to size, from large moldings such as shower walls and bath tubs to small items like RV sinks.

With a comprehensive menu of molding processes, we can support you in designing an approach for your unique price and delivery targets.

Value Added Services
  • Engineering and design support
  • Materials formulated for esthetics (high gloss, wood grain, in-mold coloring, etc.), UV-stability, stain-resistance.
  • Plants located across the USA and Mexico enable JIT delivery and low transportation expense
Quality and Other Certifications
  • ISO-9001
Bathware – Commercial and Residential
  • Bases, shower walls, bathtubs – including specialty for handicapped, bathware for recreational vehicles
Hot Tub Bases and Covers
Commercial Mop Basins (utility tubs)
Exterior Door Skins