Heavy Truck Parts

In the 60’s, MFG blazed the trail of composite material conversion for the commercial truck industry. Today we are a major supplier to OEM’s of class 6, 7 and 8 commercial vehicles.  With sales exceeding 40,000 units/year, MFG is the leading producer of composite roof caps in North America.

Offering the gamut of materials and processes, we can support specific requirements for appearance, aerodynamics, durability and weight. Our involvement in other demanding industries augments the value we bring to truck OEM’s with material breakthroughs such as advanced fiber reinforcement and alternate resin technologies that help reduce weight. Our R&D research and testing laboratory is approved for composite processes and materials by leading OEM’s.

As a longstanding partner to heavy truck manufacturers, MFG is resourced to meet your needs in the areas of quality assurance, JIT delivery and project management. Our Design Center works closely with customers to achieve product designs that are fully optimized for manufacturability. Rigorous program management during design, tool building, initial part approval and production launch ensures complete synchronization with your delivery needs.

In addition to basic molded panels, we provide installation of interiors including cable and wiring, insulation, cabinets, lighting and trim panels. We also offer in-line sequencing – ready-to-paint assemblies delivered to your plant right on time.

Value Added Services

  • In-mold coating, weight reduction, packaging design support, part consolidation, material innovation, prototyping, professional project management
  • Plants located across the USA and Mexico enable JIT delivery and low transportation cost

Quality and Other Certifications

  • ISO-9001, ISO/TS-16949 and ISO 14001

Exterior Panels

  • Hood assemblies; Fenders – full, half and quarter; Cowl panels; Roofs – mid, raised; Trim tabs and fairings; Sun visor assemblies; Structural door surrounds; Exterior trim – rocker panels; A-pillars; Air deflectors

Under Hood Panels

  • Fan shrouds, Windshield wiper housings (rain trays), Cooling modules, Battery boxes/covers, Engine covers, interior/exterior, Firewalls

Interior Panels

  • Under ride protectors (under cab/chassis fairings), Door surrounds, Load floors, Trim panels


  • In-Line Sequencing Assembly Capability at MFG

    In-Line Sequencing Assembly Capability at MFG

    Short video that explains and demonstrates MFG's depth of capability and experience in the field of special assembly services for automotive and heavy truck manufacturers. In-line sequencing is showcased in detail.

  • Compression Molding Capabilities for FRP Composite Custom Applications

    Compression Molding Capabilities for FRP Composite Custom Applications

    Short video that describes and demonstrates MFG's volume compression molding capabilities. Includes presses from 100 to 3000 tons for SMC, LCM and carbon fiber.

  • LCM Process + Preform - MFG PRiME™

    LCM Process + Preform – MFG PRiME™

    Short video explaining MFG's PRiME process (compression molding with pre-placed reinforcement). This composite molding process has become the platinum standard in the automotive, heavy truck and defense industries where light-weight, high reliability components are required.