We Design it in and Build it in

MFG is both a custom manufacturing partner to OEMs and a producer of standard product offerings, so we are geared to support a variety of processes and industry standards. As an ISO-accredited supplier, MFG is adept at mating manufacturing processes and the quality requirements of specific applications, and our facilities are accredited as appropriate.

State of the art equipment and practices provide a foundation for manufacturing excellence, guided by our proven quality systems and Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six and Continuous Improvement

  • MFG maintains a world-class 5S work environment and utilizes lean manufacturing tools to minimize waste from our processes.
  • To ensure product consistency and minimize variation, MFG imposes many critical in-process and final inspection steps.
  • As part of our Quality Management System and corporate culture, MFG pursues continual improvement in everything we do, including our design activities, manufacturing processes, and business processes.